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51. Rothrock Kevin ???Queer Science Fiction in Russian???: What space epics and tech dystopias tell us about post-Soviet minority activism Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

52. Rothrock Kevin ???Russian Journalism's Newspeak???: How the Kremlin's euphemisms creep into reporting about disasters Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

53. Rothrock Kevin ???Red Dawn???: What Hollywood's most outlandish Cold War movie says about Americans and Russians Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

54. Rothrock Kevin Moral calculus under Putin: Joshua Yaffa talks about his new book, ???Between Two Fires??? Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

55. Rothrock Kevin Russian Lives Matter: How America???s new civil rights movement reverberates in Russia Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

56. Rothrock Kevin ???Constitutional Gymnastics???: Russia's strange initiative to keep Vladimir Putin in office for years to come Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

57. Rothrock Kevin Pandemic Justice: How COVID-19 and coronavirus containment measures have exacerbated problems in Russia's courts and prisons Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

58. Rothrock Kevin ???Russia's Chances Against Coronavirus???: Sizing up the country's healthcare capacity and social readiness for a pandemic Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

59. Rothrock Kevin ???The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad New Boss???: Editorial changes at ???Vedomosti??? jeopardize one of Russia's best-respected business newspapers Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

60. Rothrock Kevin F**k the Pulitzer: A Russian investigative journalist says his team deserves recognition for breaking one of the stories that won ???The New York Times??? its latest reporting award Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

61. Rothrock Kevin It's business time: Max Seddon dissects the controversy at ???Vedomosti??? and reviews the nature of financial reporting in Russia today Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

62. Rothrock Kevin ???The Naked Pravda??? premiere trailer: Meduza???s new English-language podcast Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

63. Rothrock Kevin ???Instead of her face, I saw a pizza???: How women in Russia are fighting back against sexual assault Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

64. Rothrock Kevin ???The Information Nation???: Kremlin researchers and forensic journalists intersect at Russia???s black market for leaked personal data Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

65. Rothrock Kevin ???Tabloids and an inferiority complex???: The business and political strategy behind the media's biased Russia coverage Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

66. Rothrock Kevin ???Executive power in Russia???: How we know what we know about Kremlin politics and what to expect from Putin's new Constitutional shakeup Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

67. Rothrock Kevin ???Conspiracy theories???: What Americans and Russians reveal about themselves in the stories they tell about each other Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

68. Rothrock Kevin ???RuNet Sovereignty???: How Russia is trying to isolate its Internet segment from the rest of the world, maybe Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

69. Rothrock Kevin ???Academic Freedom???: The fight over political activism inside Moscow's Higher School of Economics Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

70. Rothrock Kevin ???Starting WWII???: Today's war of words between Russia and Poland over the history of the late 1930s Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

71. Rothrock Kevin ???Russians in America???: Russian immigrants and visitors in the U.S. discuss the 2020 Democratic primaries Meduza 2020 Litres 0 ₽

72. 9788381513333 Wielgosz Przemys??aw Witajcie w ci????szych czasach RM 2020 Litres 758.83 ₽

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