Название книги: Introduction to Drug Disposition and Pharmacokinetics

Автор: Robin Whelpton , Stephen H. Curry

ISBN: 9781119261025

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

Год: 2018

Кол-во стр.: 338

The application of knowledge of drug disposition, and skills in pharmacokinetics, are crucial to the development of new drugs and to a better understanding of how to achieve maximum benefit from existing ones. The book takes the reader from basic concepts to a point where those who wish to will be able to perform pharmacokinetic calculations and be ready to read more advanced texts and research papers.
The book will be of benefit to students of medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology, biomedical sciences and veterinary science, including those who have elected to study the topic in more detail, such as via electives and special study modules. It will be of benefit to those involved in drug discovery and development, pharmaceutical and medicinal chemists, as well as budding toxicologists and forensic scientists who require the appropriate knowledge to interpret their findings and as an introductory text for clinical pharmacologists. Early chapters describe the basic principles of the topic while the later ones illustrate the application of those principles to modern approaches to drug development and clinical use. Full colour illustrations facilitate the learning experience and supporting material for course leaders and students can be found on the Companion Web Site
DD & PK.

International Journal of Toxicology
Int. J. of Pharmacokinetics,
"Overall, Introduction to Drug Disposition and Pharmacokinetics o???ers its readership an in-depth view of classic pharmacokinetic concepts. This book would be an excellent choice for a pharmacokinetics elective or as an adjunctive text for an introductory course. This book reviews a wide array of clinically relevant topics and encourages the reader to apply the knowledge gained to all medi-cations. A robust and varied amount of online material is provided to enhance understanding and encourage discussion. It is likely that all readers, novice or experienced pharmacists, would ???nd value in this textbook."[i]– Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning,
Veterinary Pathology Review
, John K. Amory, University of Washington, 2018