Название книги: Passions and Emotions

Автор: James E. Fleming

ISBN: 9780814760215

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.:

Throughout the history of moral, political, and legal philosophy,many have portrayed passions and emotions as beingopposed to reason and good judgment. At the same time,others have defended passions and emotions as temperingreason and enriching judgment, and there is mountingempirical evidence linking emotions to moral judgment. InPassions and Emotions, a group of prominent scholars inphilosophy, political science, and law explore three clustersof issues: “Passion & Impartiality: Passions & Emotions inMoral Judgment”; “Passion & Motivation: Passions & Emotionsin Democratic Politics”; and “Passion & Dispassion:Passions & Emotions in Legal Interpretation.” This timely,interdisciplinary volume examines many of the theoreticaland practical legal, political, and moral issues raised by suchquestions.