Название книги: Protein Interactions

Автор: M Michael Gromiha

ISBN: 9789811211881

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.:

The interactions of proteins with other molecules are important in many cellular activities. Investigations have been carried out to understand the recognition mechanism, identify the binding sites, analyze the the binding affinity of complexes, and study the influence of mutations on diseases. Protein interactions are also crucial in structure-based drug design.
This book covers computational analysis of protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid and protein-ligand interactions and their applications. It provides up-to-date information and the latest developments from experts in the field, using illustrations to explain the key concepts and applications. This volume can serve as a single source on comparative studies of proteins interacting with proteins/DNAs/RNAs/carbohydrates and small molecules.
Protein–Protein Interactions:
(Himani Tandon, Sneha Vishwanath and Narayanaswamy Srinivasan)
(Amita Barik and Lukasz Kurgan)
(Danial Pourjafar-Dehkordi and Martin Zacharias)
(M Michael Gromiha)
(Jackson Weako, Attila Gursoy and Ozlem Keskin)
(Hemant Kumar and Julia M Shifman)
Protein–Nucleic Acid Interactions:
(Ambuj Srivastava, Dhanusha Yesudhas, A Kulandaisamy, Nisha Muralidharan, C Ramakrishnan, R Nagarajan and M Michael Gromiha)
(Dhanusha Yesudhas, Ambuj Srivastava, Nisha Muralidharan, A Kulandaisamy, R Nagarajan and M Michael Gromiha)
(Kyungsook Han)
(Arina Afanasyeva, Chioko Nagao and Kenji Mizuguchi)
(Yun Guo, Xiaoyong Pan and Hong-Bin Shen)
Protein–Ligand Interactions:
(K Veluraja, N R Siva Shanmugam, J Jino Blessy, R A Jeyaram, B Lalithamaheswari and M Michael Gromiha)
(Vishnupriya Kanakaveti, P Anoosha, R Sakthivel, S K Rayala and M Michael Gromiha)
(Devadasan Velmurugan, Dasararaju Gayathri, Chandrasekaran Ramakrishnan and Atanu Bhattacharjee)
(Ruchika Bhat, Abhilash Jayaraj, Anjali Soni and B Jayaram)
Single unique source with concepts and applications on all types of protein complexesWritten by outstanding researchers in the field with easily understandable illustrationsCompilation of databases and online toolsUp-to-date literature and latest developments