Название книги: Derek Acorah???s Ghost Towns

Автор: Derek Acorah

ISBN: 9780007509300

Издательство: HarperCollins

Год: 2019

Кол-во стр.: 150

???Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns??? is a collection of stories to tie-in with the SKY LIVING tv series starring Britain's best-loved medium Derek Acorah. Ghost Towns sees Derek take to the road to meet the people of Britain.Derek Acorah is coming to a town near you. This fascinating TV tie-in follows Derek???s adventures up and down the country. At the heart of his show is the Ghost Truck, which moves from town to town seeking new ghostly experiences. In each episode, the team investigates four mysteries in a haunted town, which involves painstaking night vigils, midnight s??ances and contact with locals who have passed over to and now reside in the spirit world.His adventures include:??? Bristol – why do the Odeon usherettes refuse to clean screen 3 alone???? Royston – who is the drunken spirit who haunts an old police station?Derek also knocks on the doors of unsuspecting members of the public to deliver psychic messages – will his Doorstep Divination always be welcome? Can he convince even the most hardened sceptics?