Название книги: Learning From Failures in Orthopedic Trauma


ISBN: 9783132434578

Издательство: Ingram


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Numerous advances in basic research, surgical techniques, practice, and patient care have revolutionized surgery over the last 60 years and made the field with its many subspecialties more diverse but also more complex.
The surgical profession places high demands on surgeons who must often make the right split-second decisions. This can easily lead to misjudgments or mistakes.
Learning From Failures in Orthopedic Trauma—Key Points for Success
to give surgeons the opportunity to learn from failures without making them themselves.
Errores en la Osteosíntesis
by Rafael Orozco Delclós, this publication offers real case examples that have been collected over the past 25 years. It is an essential and valuable resource as it specifically examines the reasons and responses to surgical error in real cases from different anatomical regions of the body, thus helping surgeons avoid the most frequent errors in osteosynthesis.
will help surgeons recognize and avoid common failures, start reflecting in action, present failures as positive learning opportunities, and bring that knowledge into their daily practice.
are:Analysis of failures to help surgeons avoid making mistakes that lead to those errorsMore than 20 detailed and illustrative case-based chapters that analyze failures and offer tips to successfully prevent those mistakesMore than 1,100 x-rays, clinical images, and illustrations