Название книги: Distal Radius Fractures and Carpal Instabilities

Автор: Francisco del Pi??al

ISBN: 9783132423800

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.:

A comprehensive summary of the state of the art in the management of fractures of the distal radius and carpal instability
Hand and wrist fractures account for millions of emergency room visits annually. The extraordinary importance of these structures in activities of daily living necessitates great surgical competence in repairing fractures, so as to preserve the vast range of motion and utility of this functional anatomic unit.
The management theory and techniques for these fractures have seen dramatic changes in the last few decades. This new volume brings together all currently established operative techniques for distal radius fractures, explained in detail and highly illustrated, step by step, with a wealth of brilliant figures and diagrams.
Comprehensive coverage of all types of injury as well as all the evidence-based therapeutic surgical optionsState-of-the-art management of carpal instability, anterior and dorsal rim fractures, radiocarpal dislocation, malunion, and much moreIncludes coverage of ligamentous injuriesContributions by numerous world-renowned surgeons
This book is ideal for all surgeons in training in orthopaedic surgery and in plastic surgery, and of benefit to experienced surgeons as well.