Название книги: The Color of Night

Автор: John H Timmerman , L.C. Timmerman

ISBN: 9780882824154

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.:

The Color of Night is a skillfully woven true crime account of a horrendous crime, a family's quest for answers, and the landmark case that tested the Federal Death Penalty Act. Nineteen-year-old Rachel Timmerman, who was about to testify against the man who had raped her, disappeared with her toddler daughter, Shannon. A month later, Rachel’s body was discovered in a lake chained to cinde blocks and with her eyes and mouth covered in duct tape. Soon a trail of bodies begins to emerge. Is a serial killer at large? Written by Rachel's father and uncle, The Color of Night is a shocking story of violence, murder, and the search for justice.