Название книги: Mountain Madness

Автор: Jimmy Dale Taylor , Donald G. Bross

ISBN: 9780882825304

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.: 320

When the police in Oklahoma arrested her husband, Jimmy, on a charge of first degree murder, Jeannie Taylor was certain they had the wrong man. Not only had they been together for seventeen years, but they had three children.However, one's past is never far behind, nor can history ever be erased. Unfortunately for Jimmy Taylor, he learned that the hard way. Deputies from Oregon had his fingerprints, found atop Dead Indian Mountain near Glenn True Clark's dead body. It mattered not that the crime was 21 years old. Within days, the life Jimmy had worked so hard to achieve was shattered as he was whisked away to a prison in Oregon to stand trial for murder.What happened on the strange, dark night so many years before, when a pretty hitchhiker was almost raped and killed – and a man died – is told in this riveting suspense thriller. Mountain Madness is about good and evil, truth and falsehood, guilt and innocence. It is also about the love of a man and a woman who are stripped of all but their belief in each other. And that never wavers.