Название книги: Power System Modeling, Computation, and Control

Автор: Joe H. Chow , Juan J. Sanchez-Gasca

ISBN: 9781119546887

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

Год: 2020

Кол-во стр.: 610

Bringing together wind, FACTS, HVDC, and several other modern elements, this book gives readers everything they need to know about power systems. It makes learning complex power system concepts, models, and dynamics simpler and more efficient while providing modern viewpoints of power system analysis.
Power System Modeling, Computation, and Control
provides students with a new and detailed analysis of voltage stability; a simple example illustrating the BCU method of transient stability analysis; and one of only a few derivations of the transient synchronous machine model. It offers a discussion on reactive power consumption of induction motors during start-up to illustrate the low-voltage phenomenon observed in urban load centers. Damping controller designs using power system stabilizer, HVDC systems, static var compensator, and thyristor-controlled series compensation are also examined. In addition, there are chapters covering flexible AC transmission Systems (FACTS)—including both thyristor and voltage-sourced converter technology—and wind turbine generation and modeling.
Power System Modeling, Computation, and Control
is an ideal textbook for graduate students of the subject, as well as for power system engineers and control design professionals.