Название книги: An Angel Called My Name: Incredible true stories from the other side


ISBN: 9780007287901

Издательство: HarperCollins

Год: 2019

Кол-во стр.: 230

Following on from the hugely popular ???Angel Saved My Life??? series comes a moving new collection of real-life stories from the Afterlife.Following the bestsellers An Angel by My Side and An Angel Held My Hand comes a brand new collection of heartwarming and inspiring real-life dramas about people who have had 'a little help' from the other side when they most needed it.Stories include:??? The shouting angel whose playful antics saved a young girl from falling down the stairs.??? The angel who prevented a woman's bad judgement becoming a tragedy.??? The whispering angel who helped a serial dieter lose weight for good.??? The angel voice that quietly guided a woman to her soul mate.??? The group of friends whose guardian angels revealed their purpose in life.??? The laughing angel who helped a lost boy find his way home.These are just some of the miraculous accounts in this inspiring new collection of true stories.