Название книги: Haunted Britain and Ireland: Over 100 of the Scariest Places to Visit in the UK and Ireland

Автор: Derek Acorah

ISBN: 9780007279845

Издательство: HarperCollins

Год: 2018

Кол-во стр.: 220

Take a spooky journey round the British Isles with the UK???s best known psychic Derek Acorah. Derek presents a fascinating guide to 100 ???haunted??? sites throughout Britain and Ireland, including his incredible ghostly encounters, what you can expect to find at each location, as well as detailed information on opening hours and access.Find out just how haunted Britain and Ireland are in Derek Acorah???s fascinating guide to over 100 spooky sites. Derek shares fantasic strories of epic battles, lost lovers, murder, suicide and other ghostly goings-on at locations far and wide.Discover why the ghost of a Victorian actor haunts the Adelphi Theatre in London, what many tragedies haunt the Snickleway Inn of York, and why a mysterious ghostly monk has been sighted in the Tyneside Cinema.This ghostly guide has a map with each section and spooky sites helpfully ordered by county or geographical area. Entries range from haunted castles and manors to shopping centres, hotels, beaches and even bowling alleys. An ideal travelling companion, each section offers helpful information on opening hours and access.Perfect for a family holiday, you can design your break to take in pubs with poltergeists, eerie stately homes or haunted abbeys!