Название книги: Towards Ethical Policing

Автор: Wood, Dominic

ISBN: 9781447345619

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.:

With debate about police ethics intensifying, this stimulating book considers afresh the fundamental role of officers and their relations with society. – It is a comprehensive and up to date introduction to ethical policing, taking a moral philosophical perspective to the evidence base and literature on the subject. – Leading contemporary thinker Dominic Wood tackles the ethical issues of policing as a matter of compliance and discipline and reviews them in the context of contemporary challenges in policing and the wider criminal justice framework. – From the parameters of moral policing to the role of human rights to embedding ethics within police operations, this is a thorough overview of the subject of police ethics and legitimacy, and a springboard for further research and analysis. A timely contribution to discussions about the police and their legitimacy, this is essential reading for all those studying, teaching and leading the profession.