Название книги: Biomedical Technology Assessment

Автор: Phillip Weinfurt

ISBN: 9781608451616

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.: 101

Evaluating biomedical technology poses a significant challenge in light of the complexity and rate of introduction in today's healthcare delivery system. Successful evaluation requires an integration of clinical medicine, science, finance, and market analysis. Little guidance, however, exists for those who must conduct comprehensive technology evaluations. The 3Q Method meets these present day needs. The 3Q Method is organized around 3 key questions dealing with 1) clinical and scientific basis, 2) financial fit and 3) strategic and expertise fit. Both healthcare providers (e.g., hospitals) and medical industry providers can use the Method to evaluate medical devices, information systems and work processes from their own perspectives. The book describes the 3Q Method in detail and provides additional suggestions for optimal presentation and report preparation.
Table of Contents: Introduction / Question #1: Is It Real? / Question #2: Can We Win? / Question #3: Is It Worth It? / 3Q Case Study Example – Pershing Medical Company / Appendix A: Health Care Technology Assessment Sample Class Syllabus / Appendix B: How do Hospitals and Clinicians Get Paid? / Appendix C: Technology Assessment PowerPoint Report Guidelines / Appendix D: Class Report Scenario Example / Appendix E: Four-Blocker Slide Templates for 3Q Reports