Название книги: Haunted: Scariest stories from the UK's no. 1 psychic

Автор: Derek Acorah

ISBN: 9780007283927

Издательство: HarperCollins

Год: 2019

Кол-во стр.: 170

For the first time, the UK's number one TV psychic shares some of his most personal stories and terrifying encounters with the spirit world, and what it???s really like to be ???possessed???.The star of LIVINGtv's ???Most Haunted??? and 'Ghost Towns' goes on a new journey that will chill you to the bone.Derek takes us with him into the darkest places of the spirit world where he confronts people taken over by demonic entities, the spirits of ancient Egyptians whose malevolent presence reaches beyond the tomb, those evil ghosts with unfinished business who are terrorising the living, and the dead who are determined to come back from the other side, and take Derek with them if they can…If you thought you'd already seen Derek's most terrifying battles with the dark side – think again.