Название книги: All Life Is Yoga: What is Yoga

Автор: Sri Aurobindo , The (Mira Alfassa) Mother

ISBN: 9783937701561

Издательство: Автор


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"All Yoga starts from the perception that what we are now or rather what we perceive as ourselves and so call is only an ignorant partial and superficial formulation of our nature. It is not our whole self, it is not even our real self; it is a little representative personality put forward by the true and persistent being in us for the experience of this brief life; we not only have been in the past and can be in the future but we are much more than that in the present secret totality of our being and nature. Especially, there is a secret soul in us that is our true person; there is a secret self that is our true impersonal being and spirit. To unveil that soul and that self is one of the most important movements of Yoga." – Sri Aurobindo