Название книги: Autonomous Vehicles and the Law

Автор: Ayse Buke Hiziroglu

ISBN: 9781681738529

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.: 65

Disciplines can no longer be isolated. Technology has rapidly evolved to the point that driverless vehicles have truly become a reality and are not something out of a futuristic exhibition from the 1950s. However, engineers and researchers working on the development of autonomous vehicles cannot ignore the policy implications and policymakers as well as attorneys cannot ignore the technology. We are at a point where cross-disciplinary collaboration is vital in order to produce a technology that will immensely benefit society. This is the goal of this book: to educate autonomous vehicle developers on legal theory at the most basic level. Both policymakers and lawyers may also find the book helpful in gaining a basic understanding of the technology the developers are working on.