Название книги: Measurements in Spine Care

Автор: Michael J. Lee , Jeffrey T. Hermsmeyer

ISBN: 9783131726513

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.:

In the course of evaluating the patient with spinal disease, a myriad of measurements need to be performed before determining the diagnosis and the severity of the disease process. This text explicitly outlines the measurement of the spine from a clinical, laboratory, and radiographic approach. A detailed description of the actual technique of measurement and the clinical implication are presented with accompanying illustrations. This amalgamation of measurement tools for the spine is a beneficial reference for a wide spectrum of healthcare providers: students, nurses, residents, fellows, and established surgeons. In addition to its detailed illustrated presentation, each measurement technique has been graded for scientific and clinical utility with a score that specifically grades: Interobserver reliability Intraobserver reliability Universality Disease specificity Ease of application Simplicity Patient tolerability Expense The detail presented in this text will not only serve as a reference, but will also allow the reader to accurately reproduce measurement techniques, thus enhancing inter-physician communication, research of the spine, and improvement of patient care.