Название книги: Missing: The Oregon City Girls

Автор: Rick Watson , Linda O'Neal , Philip Tennyson

ISBN: 9780882825298

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.: 430

The Oregon City Girls are missing and time is running out before another little girl disappears…Ashley Pond was a normal twelve-year-old until January 9, 2002. Ashley never went to school that day and never returned home.Suddenly, a close-knit community is ripped apart by tragedy and gripped with fear. Police and federal agents are tossed into a dizzying search for the missing girl, but with no clues and no witnesses they fear the worst. Nearly two months later, Ashley's friend and classmate Miranda Gaddis also goes missing, taken from the same school bus stop. The horrifying development has the town wondering if a serial kidnapper lurks in their midst. Law officials know a predator is out there and more children are in danger.When local police and federal agents fail to find the two girls, a frustrated Pond family turns to one of their own: Linda O'Neil. O'Neil, step-grandmother to Ashley Pond and a private investigator, is sent on a wild chase after clues and suspects. But after stake-outs and fact-finding, her hunches all lead to one culprit, a suspect police aren't looking at. Now, O'Neil must do whatever it takes to bring the perpetrator to justice and find the truth behind two missing girls.