Название книги: The Law and Society Reader II


ISBN: 9781479878734

Издательство: Ingram


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Law and society scholars challenge thecommon belief that law is simply a neutral tool by which society sets standardsand resolves disputes. Decades of research shows how much the nature ofcommunities, organizations, and the people inhabiting them affect how lawworks. Just as much, law shapes beliefs, behaviors, and wider socialstructures, but the connections are much more nuanced—and surprising—than manyexpect.
Law and SocietyReader IIprovides readers an accessible overview to the breadth of recent developmentsin this research tradition, bringing to life the developments in this dynamicfield. Following up a first Law andSociety Reader published in 1995, editors Erik W. Larson and Patrick D.Schmidt have compiled excerpts of 43 illuminating articles published since 1993in The Law & Society Review, theflagship journal of the Law and Society Association.
By its organizationand approach, this volume enables readers to join in discussing the key ideasof law and society research. The selections highlight the core insights anddevelopments in this research tradition, making these works indispensable forthose exploring the field and ideal for classroom use. Across sixconcisely-introduced sections, this volume analyzes inequality, lawyering, therelation between law and organizations, and the place of law in relation toother social institutions.