Название книги: Manual of Fracture Management


ISBN: 9783132428423

Издательство: Ingram


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Manual of Fracture Management – Wrist
Manual of Fracture Management – Wrist
includes the following key features:Case descriptions and treatment options for a wide variety of fracture and injury types, nonunions and malunions, osteoarthritis, and postoperative complicationsClose to 2,000 high-quality illustrations and clinical imagesAccess to an online video library of the key wrist surgical approaches.
Manual of Fracture Management – Hand
, this publication comprises two major sections: an indepth outline of the major surgical approaches and principles used in wrist surgery, and a detailed description of common to complicated treatment procedures using clinical images from real patient cases. The reader might already have an understanding of the principles of bone healing and basic orthopedic surgery, however, the use of real cases for enhanced illustration adds an immediate and interesting touch to learning and is used to show the recommended procedure and when providing an alternative perspective.
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