Название книги: Principles of Internal Fixation of the Craniomaxillofacial Skeleton

Автор: Joachim Prein , Michael Ehrenfeld , Paul N. Manson

ISBN: 9783131714916

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.:

Traditionally, each specialty involved in craniomaxillofacial trauma and orthognathic surgery had its own areas of interest and expertise. This introductory textbook is different in that it presents the combined and focused expertise and competence of the different specialties on the entire craniofacial skeleton. The principles described in this textbook represent the evolution of craniomaxillofacial buttress reconstruction over the last 60 years. In addition to standard procedures,techniques representing recent surgical advances and new developments are introduced as well. This textbook not only provides an overview on current concepts of craniomaxillofacial trauma care and orthognathic surgery, but also helps to understand the complexity of the craniofacial skeleton and its related soft tissues for an efficient and successful reconstruction of the face following traumaand congenital deformities.