Название книги: Rotator Cuff Deficiency of the Shoulder

Автор: Mark A. Frankle

ISBN: 9781588906359

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.:

Rotator Cuff Deficiency of the Shoulder
Clinical insights from an international team of authorities on rotator cuff deficiency Complete coverage of disease manifestations within the spectrum of the rotator cuff deficiencyDescriptions of the examination, imaging, and surgical techniques, with valuable explanations of the scientific rationale behind the various approaches and therapeutic guidelinesDiscussions of the newest innovations including tissue scaffolding, arthroscopic approaches, conventional shoulder arthroplasty, and reverse shoulder arthroplastyRecommendations for managing special situations and circumstances, such as revision surgery and patients with bone loss, and guidance for handling complications when they occurMore than 300 radiographs and illustrations that demonstrate key conceptsThis book is a single-volume reference containing the fundamental principles and techniques for all specialists involved in shoulder therapy and reconstruction, including orthopaedists, sports medicine and trauma specialists, and residents in those specialties.