Название книги: Us vs. Them

Автор: Ian Bremmer

ISBN: 9780241984970

Издательство: Gardners Books

Год: 2019

Кол-во стр.: Аудиокнига

IAN BREMMER WAS NAMED LINKEDINS #1 TOP INFLUENCER in 2017  --------------  Required reading to help repair a world in pieces and build a world at peace  - Antnio Guterres, United Nations Secretary General   --------------  Ian Bremmer is provocative, controversial, and always intelligent about the state of the world, which he knows so well  - Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund   --------------  From Brexit, to Donald Trump, to extremist parties in Europe and the developing world, populism has dominated recent headlines.   But what explains the rise of leaders who stoke nationalist anger in their countries, from Le Pen to Erdogan? How long will the populist wave last? Who will be the winners and losers in this climate, and how can we defend the values of democracy, free trade and international cooperation?   No one is better suited to explore these questions than Ian Bremmer, the CEO of the Eurasia Group and acclaimed Time magazine columnist. Analysing the social, economic and technological forces fuelling this new wave of populism, Bremmer explains why were witnessing a rejection of the democratic, global, cosmopolitan trends of the late 20th century. Us vs. Them is a definitive guide to navigating the shifting political landscape, for businesses looking to weather and survive the populist storm.