Название книги: Law Enforcement–Perpetrated Homicides

Автор: Tom Barker

ISBN: 9781793601919

Издательство: Ingram


Кол-во стр.: 330

Police violence of all types receives much attention from the media, and this is especially true for police homicides that often lead to demonstrations and protests. Police violence is a volatile, recurring social justice issue that often receives media attention, leads to demonstrations or protests and increases the tension between law enforcement agencies and the community they serve. Tom Barker examines police homicide and the different behavior patterns that lead to it, ranging from misadventure to intent. To better understand this complex issue, Barker has created 3 main categories: accidental homicides, justifiable homicides and criminal homicides. Barker includes a variety of cases from accidental deaths involving careless, reckless or negligent law enforcement officers to murders committed by LEOs engaged in organized crime or serial sexual homicides. This book will be of interest to those studying criminology, criminal justice, sociology, political science, etc.