Название книги: Bioactives in Fruit


ISBN: 9781118635568

Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited

Год: 2018

Кол-во стр.: 546

Bioactives in Fruit: Health Benefits and Functional Foods
 aims to summarise some of our current knowledge on the bioactive compounds that are associated with the health benefits of specific fruits with a strong emphasis on the validation of health benefits by human intervention trials. Reflecting the current interest in food and health, the book includes strategies to retain and enhance the bioactives in fruit through breeding, growing conditions, fruit storage, processing into ingredients and production of functional foods. To accomplish this task authors with expertise in biology, chemistry, pharmacology, food science, nutrition, medicine, and horticulture have contributed. They come from universities, government and industry funded research institutes and biotechnology and food companies in Europe, the United States, Asia and New Zealand to give the book a broad perspective.
Bioactives in Fruit: Health Benefits and Functional Foods
 is a major resource which will be required reading for anyone working in the fields of health and functional foods.